Image by Ian Schneider

Jan Eckert, Certified Master Life Coach

Advanced Consulting Hypnotist

Certified Neurolinguistic Practitioner

Certified in EFT, TFH, Reiki, and more

You will notice that more credible healing centers are now available. Many doctors and hospitals are also including various natural healing modalities. Over 30 years ago, I had my first experience in Columbus, Ohio. With a largely swollen leg and unable to continue working with my restaurant, I was desperate and in severe pain. The more doctors I visited, the more I received very little results or even any encouragement. We all know how severe inflammation can be debilitating. The healing center I finally visited had 5 different types of modalities.

By the end of the month, I was good as new. I was so impressed, I started on my journey to resolve other health challenges that were more difficult to find answers for.

This is when I discovered how easy it is to get discouraged when a doctor visit or a natural therapist does not solve the problem!

Realizing that we are each a very individual human being with different experiences and beliefs, a particular therapy may not be the right fit for each one of us. Therefore, I continued my journey to learn and study various modalities.

After 40 years of research and hard work, I discovered the bottom line is the need and anticipation to just "feel better!"

With love, support and understanding of a person who really cares and understands us with total confidentiality, we can then open up and allow us to comfortably get to first base. Then we continue on from there to complete restoration of physical and emotional needs for change.

My experience has shown me, that one of the greatest values found is "trust." Whatever way you can find that with someone, it will be extremely valuable. Trust can be found in their voice, in their eyes, in their body language, or in their work.

Love, trust, compassion, support and a good heart are readily being searched for and they are deeply appreciated when found.

Yes, I live in deep gratitude for my many experiences, challenges and successes. I pray that some of my experiences will be of benefit to others before I graduate life. I am truly looking forward to sharing and working with you.